Featured E-Resource: Ancestry Library Edition

Minamiki draft card

“As my own interest in genealogy developed over time, the tools of my trade became the historical paper trail and the endlessly fascinating science of ancestral DNA tracing. Forty years … Read more

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind: Basement Totes

lmu library basement stacks

Written by Collections Management Manager, Rose Mendoza.  What happens when a library of approximately 500,000 materials must be transferred from one building to another, but the two buildings have different … Read more

Featured Resource: Religions of America

Cover of Brotherhood journal

Libraries have long served as public gathering places in which people freely discuss their varying viewpoints, challenge the status quo, and explore the historical archive in search of expanded knowledge … Read more

Featured E-Resource: Mintel

Mintel academic header - read more

This post was written by Nataly Blas, Reference and Instruction Librarian for Business. Mintel Academic, a leading market intelligence agency, is now available at the William H. Hannon Library [MyLMU … Read more