New E-Resources: Fall 2021

Over the past few months, we have added quite a number of new electronic resources to our inventory of online databases. All of these resources are available from anywhere in the world using your MyLMU login. Throughout the year, we will highlight a few of these resources here on LMU Library News, offering you a deep dive into the content and tips for your research. Until then, please enjoy exploring some of this spectacular content.

We have hundreds of databases in addition to these most recent acquisitions, which you can search in LINUS. You can also browse our full list databases on our A-Z Database page. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7.

Adam Matthew Digital’s Sex and Sexuality

Adam Matthew Digital’s Sex and Sexuality is a primary-source database that explores the changing attitudes towards human sexuality, gender, and sexual behaviors in America and beyond, from the late-nineteenth century to the present day. LMU provides access to both modules within this collection. Module I is sourced solely from the Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collection and makes available sources from the tenures of the first three institute directors: Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, Dr. Paul Gebhard, and Dr. June Reinisch. Module II is sourced from archives across the U.S., U.K., and Australia and explores LGBTQIA+ personal histories, self-expression, and community activism. Access this resource.

American Historical Periodicals

American Historical Periodicals is a collection of periodicals and magazines from the USA and Canada dating from the colonial period to the twentieth century. This collection includes unusual and short-lived magazines as well as better-known titles with long runs. Broad in its scope and coverage, American Historical Periodicals examines the growing tensions between colonists and their overseas rulers, the Industrial Revolution, immigration, women’s rights, World War I, as well as fashion and music during the Roaring Twenties Access this resource.

American Indian Newspapers

Adam Matthew Digital’s American Indian Newspapers provides access to 200 years of North American Indigenous journalism from various communities, historic pressings, and contemporary periodicals. American Indian Newspapers offer researchers a wealth of primary-source material, revealing a unique perspective on historical, local, and national events. American Indian Newspapers expands the library’s collection of primary-source historical documentation in the form of PDFs, images, videos, and other ephemera related to Indigenous communities throughout North America. Access this resource.


APA PsycTESTS is a research database published by the American Psychological Association that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments, as well as descriptive information about tests and their development and administration. PsycTESTS serves as a repository for the full text of psychological tests and measures as well as a source of structured information about tests of relevance across a diverse range of subjects. Offering a broad range of tests dated from 1910 to the present, each record in the PsycTESTS platform includes data on the test’s scope and a high-level overview of its development, reliability, and validity. Access this resource.


APA PsycTHERAPY provides clinicians, counselors, and trainees the opportunity to observe candid psychotherapy videos featuring known therapists. This proven counseling training method is an invaluable tool to remain abreast of the latest psychotherapy techniques. APA PsycTHERAPY provides users with a database of more than 500 streaming video demonstrations, covering a wide range of topics and approaches. Students will benefit from seeing the variety of issues patients grapple with and the disorders they are presenting. Access this resource.

Archives Unbound

Archives Unbound presents topically focused digital collections of historical documents. Collections in Archives Unbound cover a broad range of topics from the Middle Ages forward. Consisting of more than 290,000 documents, particular strengths of the Archives Unbound collections include U.S. foreign policy, U.S. civil rights, global affairs and colonial studies, and modern history. Archives Unbound expands the library’s collection of primary-source historical documentation in the form of PDFs, images, videos, and other ephemera. Access this resource.

Bloomsbury Cultural History

Bloomsbury’s Cultural History is a fully cross-searchable collection of e-books that engage with culture throughout the ages from antiquity to modernity. Interdisciplinary by design, the Cultural Histories Series offers an authoritative survey of many subjects throughout history. Each topic is looked at in Antiquity, the Medieval Age, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Age of Empire, and the Modern Age, and thematic coverage is consistent across all periods so that users can either gain a broad overview of a period or follow a theme through the ages. Access this resource.

Bloomsbury’s Human Kinetics Library

Bloomsbury’s Human Kinetics Library is built around a mission to increase knowledge, enhance performance and improve the health and fitness of all people around the globe through authoritative information about physical activity and sport. The platform features a growing collection of cross-searchable e-books and videos with a tailored taxonomy that recognizes the various subjects within kinesiology and exercise science. Access this resource.

Bloomsbury’s Screen Studies

Bloomsbury’s Screen Studies is a digital platform supporting moving-image studies. From the late nineteenth century to the present, users can browse seamlessly between content types by date, location, filmmaker, genre, or theme in the easy-to-use interactive timeline. Screen Studies offers a broad range of content, including books, screenplays, overview articles, and learning resources from Bloomsbury, Faber & Faber, the British Film Institute, Focal Press, and Auteur (Liverpool University Press). Including informative guides which illuminate key genres, periods, geographic regions, directors, screenwriters, and films. Access this resource.


BrowZine is a new browsing platform for our electronic journals. Designed to be used on your mobile device (and is also available in a web browser), BrowZine organizes Open Access and LMU subscription journal holdings into a newsstand experience. Browzine has sorted our e-journals into broad subjects and then into narrower disciplines. You can browse by title or subject to find journals of interest, create a personal bookshelf of favorite e-journals, and get direct PDF access to journal articles without additional sign-in or link redirects. Access this resource.

Digital Theatre Plus

Digital Theatre Plus provides users with the ability to: watch high-quality films of leading theatre productions, discover how plays are brought to the stage in interviews with the creative teams, learn about interpretive choice through detailed analysis of play texts, and engage key plays with stimulating and relevant support. Digital Theatre Plus is divided into three broad categories, each designed to illuminate various aspects of the staged productions. “Plays & Productions” features theater, film, opera, dance, and music productions. “Practices & Practitioner” highlights the roles and form of practice in each show. While “Theory & Criticism” is where aspects of each production’s theme, movement, and style are discussed. Access this resource.

Eighteenth Century Journals

Adam Matthew’s Eighteenth Century Journals draws together material from some of the finest archives across the U.K. and the U.S. to make available unique and extremely rare eighteenth-century periodicals online, each chosen to convey the eclecticism and evolution of the publishing world between 1685 and 1835. This collection of e-journals features everything from political journals circulated in London coffee houses to colonial newspapers. Eighteenth Century Journals illuminates all aspects of social, political, and literary life, providing users an opportunity to examine a variety of topical issues and to compare a range of perspectives on the debates of the day. Access this resource.

Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings

Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings invites users into the cultural study of music to explore the rise of Ethnomusicology as a discipline. Featuring archives from both UCLA and the University of Washington, this dynamic resource presents content from across the globe, including sites in West Africa, North America, and South East Asia. This unique multimedia resource gives users access to the cultural and social lives of the source communities represented within each recording, allowing users unique insight into the musical traditions of these communities. Access this resource.

Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

The Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies currently holds more than 4,400 testimonies of Holocaust survivors, witnesses, and liberators, which are comprised of over 12,000 recorded hours of videotape. LMU is a formal Access Site for this Archive. The Fortunoff Archive includes videos that can be filtered by date, location, and language. Transcripts are available alongside many of the videos. Access this resource.

Gender: Identity and Social Change

Adam Matthew Digital’s Gender: Identity and Social Change is a primary-source database documenting the changing representations and lived experiences of gender roles and relations from the nineteenth century to the present. Users are invited to explore records from men’s and women’s organizations, advice literature, and etiquette books that reveal developing gender roles. Users will gain insight into changing societal expectations about gender roles through personal diaries and correspondence and explore the lives and careers of key figures and pioneers in gender history. Access this resource.


Knovel is a science, engineering, and technology database comprised of e-books and other technical information, such as data sheets, conference proceedings, and industry reports. In addition, Knovel has interactive tables, graphs, and charts to assist users with the analysis of materials and built-in conversion equations so that data can be displayed in any required unit of measurement. Access this resource.

Library of Catholic Thought

The Library of Catholic Thought brings together an extensive array of reference works, monographs, primary texts, and images to provide access to nearly two millennia of global Catholic thought, tradition, and culture – from the Church Fathers to the present day. A significant addition to the Library of Catholic Thought is the highly anticipated revised edition of the Jerome Biblical Commentary. However, this multimodal collection features handbooks of Catholic theology, seminal reference works, primary texts, Catholic artwork, and manuscripts, allowing users to explore the depths of Catholic thought around the globe. Access this resource.

Oxford Very Short Introductions

Oxford’s Very Short Introductions offers concise and original introductions to a diverse range of subjects. Not simply a textbook of definitions, each volume provides trenchant and provocative discussions of the central issues in a given topic. LMU currently subscribes to two subject modules, Arts and Humanities, and Social Sciences. Access this resource.

Rafu Shimpo

The Rafu Shimpo is the longest-running Japanese American newspaper in the United States. The paper began in 1903, supporting the small but growing Japanese community in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles, California. This resource contains all available issues from 1914 through 2019, and new content will be added annually. Access this resource.

Romanticism: Life Literature and Landscape

Romanticism: Life, Literature, and Landscape is a collection of manuscripts and personal correspondence between key literary and political figures of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sourced from some of the finest literary research collections globally, Romanticism features digital facsimiles of unpublished works, notebooks, draft manuscripts, and drawings from George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Henry James, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Access this resource.

Sage Business Cases

SAGE Business Cases is a collection of business case studies that encourage users to investigate common business issues and problems with a view towards defining best practices. SAGE Business Cases is designed to engage students in applying core concepts using examples from the global business environment. Access this resource.

Social Explorer

Social Explorer is an online research tool providing current and historical census data and demographic information. The web interface facilitates the creation of interactive maps and reports to illustrate, analyze and understand demographic and social change. This comprehensive data resource includes all US Census data from 1790 to 2010 and essential data from the American Community Survey, InfoGroup data on religious congregations, and Carbon Emissions Data for 2002 from the Vulcan Project. Access this resource.

Stratfor Worldview

Stratfor, short for strategic forecasting, provides access to up-to-date geopolitical analysis and custom intelligence derived from selected open-source information concerning global news and events for individuals, governments, and businesses worldwide. This multidisciplinary database gives students and researchers comprehensive news, commentary, and analysis on political, social, military, and economic events and trends. Access this resource.

The Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop is the industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment and design industries. The Gnomon Workshop features a library of over 300 media-arts-focused training tutorials covering various subjects and techniques, including design, drawing, painting, modeling, texturing, rigging, effects, game design, and animation. Access this resource.

The University of Fashion

The University of Fashion offers fashion professionals and consumers the first-ever online fashion design video library, comprised of professionally produced online fashion how-to videos covering the five fashion design disciplines of draping, pattern making, fashion art, sewing, and product development. Select fashion college professors teach all video lessons in the University of Fashion from the designer’s perspective, i.e., looking down at your work as you would when creating something yourself. Access this resource.