Celebrating Our #LMU20 Library Student Workers

We have said it before and we will say it again: We love and appreciate our student workers. We could not provide the level of support and service that we are able to offer our campus community were it not for our library student employees. Our more than 120 student assistants help us manage and maintain our collections, provide assistance to patrons at our service desks, promote the library through outreach and programming, and perform a variety of both front-of-house and back-of-house library duties.

This year, 31 library student workers graduated from Loyola Marymount University, six of whom worked at the William H. Hannon Library all four years.

Praise for Our Students

To our graduating seniors, Collections Management Manager Rose Mendoza says “without you, Collections Management would not be able to achieve its goals, and that means the library would not be the same without your presence! Thank you and miss you all!”

Ana Ortiz, circulation services evening supervisor, says “the Circulation Desk student workers are at the heart of our department, and serve as the face of Hannon Library. Without their hard work the library experience would not be the same. Our student workers are problem-solvers and ready to help our patrons with whatever they need!”

Praising one particular student worker, Julianna Dunivin, her supervisor Angie So is particularly effusive: “Book-smart and all sorts of smart, a savvy problem solver, a leader who steps up and takes initiative… only positive descriptions can spill forth. She is a woman of so many talents! She produced top-quality academic grades while holding down too many side jobs to count, yet always delivered magically perfect work and results. In short, to the Acquisition and Collection Development Department, Julianna is our real-life Hermione Granger, and as her supervisor, I wonder sometimes if she might actually possess a time-turner necklace and magic!”

Dean of the Library Kris Brancolini puts it succinctly when she says, “I congratulate our graduating student employees — the best on campus. We’re proud of you and we will miss you. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. Please stay in touch with us and remember: We will always be your library.”

Our 2020 Graduating Seniors

Below is the list of our graduating seniors. Those who have worked at the library for four consecutive years are indicated by an asterisk.

Archives & Special Collections

  • Alanna Rodriguez
  • Natalie Sardina
  • Richard Cavanaugh
  • Silvia Velasquez-Cruz


  • Maylon Day
  • Valeria Galbert
  • Sarah Holguin
  • Abigail Kliebenstein
  • Da’Naya Mayes-Barnes*
  • Gavin McMahon
  • Florenzia Moncayo
  • Bailey Page
  • Kamryn Walker

Collection Development

  • Julianna Dunivin (and Outreach)

Collections Management

  • Margarita De Leon
  • David Douthit*
  • Harrison Klein
  • Ivy-Quynh Macaraeg
  • James Reed
  • Natalie O’Connor Ercilla*

Information Commons

  • Natalie Lavacca
  • Sean Mulvihill*
  • Joshua Patterson
  • Mary Qualls
  • Eli Shillinger


  • Fabio Cabezas
  • Taylor Clark*
  • Margarita De Leon (also, Collection Management)
  • Julianna Dunivin (also, Collection Development)
  • Jaida Macklin
  • America Negrete*
  • Ally Scarpa
  • Milica Vrzic

Congratulations to our seniors this year. Thank you for all the support you’ve provided to the William H. Hannon Library. We have the highest hopes for you and wish you the best!