We Love our Student Workers: Undergraduate Research Symposium Edition

The William H. Hannon Library would like to congratulate Michael Mandrinkian, the winner of the Bellarmine Forum Undergraduate Research Award for his project called The Lost Text: A History of The Rych Cheyne. Michael’s research involved an anonymous, 16th century manuscript, held by our own Hannon Library’s special collections. The manuscript, entitled The Riche Cheyne, contains all of the Biblical books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

We would also like to congratulate the following library student workers on their participation at the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium:


Impact of Irrigation Systems on Arthropod Community Composition of Coastal Sage Scrub along Ballona Wetlands
Mindi Catala (pictured above with her partner Justin Aquino)Reference Department

Indian Families of Mexico City: Gender Relations in the Late-Colonial Era, 1725 – 1816
Erika Chavez – Circulation Department

Fifteen Years of Adaptation: Analyzing Angelinos’ Sentiments in the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Riot
Erin Golightly – Department of Archives & Special Collections

Enumeration of bacteriophage and prokaryotic populations in an urban coastal wetlands (Ballona Wetlands) in Los Angeles County by epifluorescence microscopy
Emma Kennedy – Circulation Department

Computational Investigation toward a Predictive Understanding of Ruthenium Water Oxidation Catalyst Design
Brian Lee – Media & Reserves Department

Perceptions of Los Angeles after 1992 Riots by Age Group
Paige Pardo – Media & Reserves Department

Great work, all!

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