We love our student workers! Meet Citlaly.


Name: Citlaly Orozco

Year: Sophomore

Major: Urban Studies & Chicano Studies double major

Hometown: East Los Angeles

Where do you work in the library / what do you do here?

I work as [Outreach Librarian] Jamie Hazlitt's Library Programming Assistant. I help with the outreach programs that Jamie and her team have planned and also help organize some of them. I also have the opportunity to help in the exhibit making for the semester. I also have had the opportunity to work with children during story time and welcome many others. In general we work to make the library known as a place in which you do not just study but can also have fun.

What do you like best about working in the library?

I love the group of people I have gotten to meet and work with. It is nice coming to work and feeling welcome. Also knowing that although most people would assume that working in the library that  I am always in a desk; in fact I am hardly EVER at my desk. I also love having the opportunity to know what events we will be having for the student life. 

What is the last book that you enjoyed?

I'm currently finishing S by JJ Abrams; it has me hooked and the book in general is just beautiful and creative. I also enjoyed reading The TImekeeper by Mitch Albom – it was amazing! 

Do you have any insider library info that ordinary mortals might not know about?

Probably how cool it is to open the exhibit cases. It feels like I am a secret agent when I am using the suction tool.