LMU Librarians Presenting at ACRL 2019

This month in Cleveland, Ohio, the 2019 conference of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) will feature more than 500 programs about academic libraries. The conference theme, recasting the narrative, encourages academic librarians, archivists, and information professionals to explore what it means to be an academic library professional in the 21st century. The ACRL conference occurs once every two years. This ACRL 2019, three LMU librarians will be presenting their recent projects and research.

Reframing the Residency Narrative: Creating, Sustaining and Reinventing the Profession through Library Residency Programs (Nataly Blas)

Friday, April 12 – Panel Session

The panel session will discuss how residency programs are both a part of the changing library landscape as well as a model on how the profession can adapt and transition to new roles. Panelists will speak to the full life-cycle of a residency program by defining residencies and critically examining best practices to create programs that prepare academic library professionals for the 21st century.

Reconceptualizing the Conference Experience: Employing Grassroots Efforts in Conference Planning to Promote Inclusivity and Accessibility (Nataly Blas)

Friday, April 12 – Panel Session

This session will highlight panelists who have all planned small-scale grassroots conferences. They will discuss their various organizing approaches, how those approaches met the needs of their communities, as well as difficulties encountered during planning in order to reconceptualize the status quo and disrupt the power dynamics typically reinforced by large-scale conferences.

Rockin’ the Short-term Appointment: A Countdown of Top Professional Development Tips for Early Career Librarians (Kelle Rose)

Friday, April 12 – Lightning Talk

Short-term librarian appointments are increasingly common and are enticing opportunities for early career librarians to gain valuable experience and mentorship without the pressures that come with rank and promotion. What can a new librarian accomplish in a term-limited position? Is it worth it? In a word, YES! Professional development opportunities abound regardless of the permanency of your position, so take advantage of what is offered both within your institution and in the profession. Get some tips from a new librarian currently in a short-term position on how to maximize your time and gain the most from your experience.

Recasting the Parentative: Seeking Balance Amidst the Busyness (John Jackson)

Friday, April 12 – Panel Session

When you think of academic librarian parents, what comes to mind? Many people stereotype parents and unfortunately university, local, and national leaders make policies impacting them based on these false assumptions. This presentation will extend previous work-life balance conversations by sharing the results of a survey about librarian-parent stereotypes, providing attendees with the opportunity to discuss how these stereotypes have impacted them and work together to develop an agenda to change the policies resulting from these biases.

Congratulations and safe travels to all our librarians attending ACRL 2019 next week! This post was written by Nataly Blas.