Re-Introducing Chamero Mack: Interlibrary Loan Supervisor

Chamero Mack was recently appointed to the role of Interlibrary Loan Supervisor at the William H. Hannon Library. The following was written by Rhonda Rosen, Circulation Services Librarian.

Chamero Mack began her William H. Hannon Library career in 2011 when she was hired as a library assistant for Circulation Services. Her previous experience working in libraries was as an undergraduate student in the Music & Reserves department at Oviatt Library at California State Northridge. When we split the Circulation department, she moved into Collections Management as the Main Stacks Supervisor Library Assistant. For the past 6 years Chamero has used her detail organized skill set, her outgoing personality, and her customer service philosophy to become a highly valued team member in her department. So much so, that when the opportunity came up for promotion to Interlibrary Loan Supervisor, she was without a doubt the most qualified person for the job.

While taking on more responsibility in Collections Management, she has simultaneously been pursuing a medical coding certificate. The journey has not been an easy one. In fact, it sounds like an odyssey worthy of a Greek hero! She has dealt with professors going AWOL in the middle of a semester, programs being closed without notice and having to find another school with the same program, and a lack of prescient counseling to advise earnest students how to continue in the field that actually is being taken over by computers. And yet, Chamero, who has super-hero levels of dedication, determination and high energy, kept on moving from community college to community college for 6 years, finally earning her certification as a certified medical coder.

So who is Chamero? She is a happy planner. Yes, that is a thing. It is a customizable disc-bound planner system that “combines one’s love for creativity with one’s need for organization.” Chamero has placed her goals, her schedules, her tasks, her “to do” lists all in her beautifully decorated planner. She is a knitter-in-training. And, she is the sole participant in the Hannon Great American Baking Contest, wherein every week she finds a recipe to try and then brings it in for colleague and judge George Garcia to review. And, “he can be tough! Not enough butter, too crusty…”

So, what is next for Chamero? She is waiting to see what calls her name, but whatever it is, I am sure she will attack it with her amazing energy, attention to detail, and wonderful positive spirit.