Featured Resource: CQ Researcher

The 2016 U.S. presidential election highlighted the prevalence of “fake news” online. The responses from academics, journalists, and librarians are varied but generally coalesce around a few central themes, including the need for both increased digital literacy and credible sources of information. For students who desire to (or are assigned to) find credible information about contemporary issues, we would like to recommend one of our favorite research databases, CQ Researcher.

CQ Researcher [MyLMU login required] provides LMU students and staff with access to in-depth and unbiased reports on contemporary issues that affect American politics and civil discourse written and researched by professional, seasoned journalists. Recent CQ reports have focused on issues as wide ranging as transgender rights, the Obama legacy, robotics, women in leadership, U.S. Mexico relations, and diversity in Hollywood.

Each 12,000-word report is thoroughly documented and includes an overview, historical background, chronology, a pro/con feature, and a list of additional resources. Many reports additionally include maps, graphs, forecasts, and a list of relevant organizations (and their contact information). Current reports include a list of related reports published as far back as 1923, allowing readers to understand how the changing political-/social- context of American life affected a particular issue during the past century.

screenshot of a CQ Researcher report

This month, CQ Researcher will publish two reports that LMU students may be interested in reading: “Trump Presidency” (January 6, 2017) and “Russia and the West” (January 13, 2017). CQ Researcher publishes 44 reports a year, so check back regularly to see what’s new!