Milk and Cookies: 2016 Edition

students in line for cookies

Last Monday night at 9 PM over 200 students excitedly waited for the plastic wrap to come off trays holding more than 900 delicious smelling homemade cookies baked and donated by our library staff! Incredibly, we served 19 different varieties!

As the students took either milk or coffee and began balancing cookies on their napkin they expressed glee, gratitude, and a feeling of being cared for by library staff. Some asked if the cookies were really homemade and others asked how many they could take! And then, 45 minutes later they were gone!

This event would not be possible without our bakers. Huge thanks to our 19 bakers from the library and LMU Fitwell. This is our most delicious event and we are so happy to be able to do something special with a personal touch for our students during Fall Finals Week.

Today’s post was written by Carol Raby, Library Events Manager.