A Little LINK+ News

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We have an incredibly rich collection of books here in our library. But for our LMU students, faculty, and staff, the wealth of books available to you grows exponentially through our LINK+ system. (You can borrow books for free from 40+ academic AND public libraries in CA and NV!)

For those of you who know and love LINK+, you already know that it’s a great way to get materials delivered directly to our library that we either don’t have here at LMU, or that are already checked out.

The library and LINK+ make it even easier to get the books you need at your convenience through a system called the Visiting Patron Program. If you live close to any of these LINK+ Participating Institutions, you can now walk in to their library and use your LMU OneCard to check out materials!

In addition to this, we participate in the LINK+ Pick Up Elsewhere service, where you can request a book online, and then choose to pick it up at a number of alternative locations. (In addition to the Circulation Desk here at your very own library, of course.)

For more information, please ask a librarian.