Portable Phone Chargers by OOMF

charging station

Do you need a portable phone charger for the next 24 hours? You can now check one out at the ITS Service Desk ! We are helping ITS pilot test OOMF … Read more

LMU Librarians are Here to Help

student and librarian at info desk

One of our primary goals here at the William H. Hannon Library is to assist students with their research. Not only answering questions like “How do I find scholarly articles?” … Read more

Finding Media for Your Class

The media industry has been in constant flux for decades, moving from 16mm to VHS to DVD and now to streaming video! Media Librarian Rhonda Rosen knows that navigating our … Read more

Discovering FlipFeed

The power of Twitter has always included the ability to engage via the retweet and knowing that there are users out there just like you, trying to find the best … Read more

Maneuvering through the Facts with Politifact

Have you ever found yourself lost in the controversies surrounding comments made daily by politicians? Ever wondered if the facts you have been retold by friends or family by politicians … Read more

Escaping Filter Bubbles with AllSides

screenshot from allsides website

During our fake news workshop on January 20, students commented on echo chambers and the need for diverse and credible sources of information. Eli Pariser argues that filter bubbles will ultimately prove … Read more

Need A Topic?

need a topic?

Are you having trouble getting started on your research assignment or formulating a manageable research question?  You are not alone!  According to Project Information Literacy 66% of undergraduates say defining … Read more