Year in Review: Faculty Testimonials

As we close out 2023, we want to share some of our biggest achievements from the past academic year. The following is part of a series of highlights from our 2022-23 Library Year in Review. You can read the full report at LMU Digital Commons.

Mikki Kressbach: Film, TV, and Media Studies

“In my classes, students are often required to engage with a variety of sources, ranging from films to popular publications, and scientific studies. The library has provided the education and support to help students understand different sources’ respective audiences, stakeholders, and evidentiary standards, enabling them to conduct critical interdisciplinary research.”

Karie Huchting: Educational Leadership

“The library is the heartbeat of our thriving academic community! While their extensive collections and engaging programs foster a sense of intellectual curiosity at LMU, it’s the approachable librarians who support faculty and students with their vast knowledge and expertise, that truly set the library apart. It has been a joy to partner with the library on many CTE initiatives.”

Kirstin Noreen: Art History

“In my classes, the holdings of Archives and Special Collections have promoted experiential learning, an engagement with primary source materials, and a critical understanding of visual culture. Working with Cynthia and her team every semester, my students have recreated a medieval scriptorium; explored Los Angeles through historic postcards; examined the collection of Otto Ege, a notorious “book breaker”; and evaluated the attribution of a Guido Reni painting. LMU’s Archives and Special Collections has been an integral part of my art history classroom.”

Ellen Ensher: Management

“I am so grateful to the wonderful team at our library—whether I need an obscure reference, access to a database, or just need help finding or articulating something important—our library team is always there. My students are always so grateful and wowed by the experience of the librarians who come to class to present. On a personal note, I spent my childhood going to a library every Saturday so for me it’s always been a happy place! One of my favorite aspects to the library is the popular book section. It is my treat at the end of the week to go and borrow fiction. I read several books a week and I’m so grateful to the library for feeding my habit!”

Leon Wiebers: Theatre Arts

“I love the library and librarians at LMU! The librarians are so supportive, collaborative, and eager to partner with faculty on projects to advance our pedagogy; experimental and generous of spirit.”

Anupama Prabhala: Film, TV, and Media Studies

“The LMU Library offers superb resources: First Year Seminar students study the history of Los Angeles by exploring the library’s collection of vintage postcards. Film, TV and Media Studies students have access to a host of streaming, physical media, print and research databases that encompass documentary, avant-garde and silent cinema that have been absolutely vital for completing undergraduate research.”

B.J. Johnson: Computer Science

“The LMU Library is simply the best. Every year there are pleasant surprise additions to the services offered. I use your texts in my classes, saving my students money, along with videos you offer either directly online or through Kanopy. The fun and informative activities you sponsor make you a vibrant part of the Computer Science community. Well done!”