AfroLatines in Los Angeles: Unveiling Voices, Empowering Communities

This October, stop by the library to explore a new exhibition, “AfroLatines in Los Angeles: Unveiling Voices, Empowering Communities.” This exhibition not only marks the celebration of AfroLatinidad but also represents a significant effort to illuminate the often obscured history and remarkable contributions of AfroLatines in Los Angeles. The exhibit focuses on Afro-Mexicans in Los Angeles and the United States and Mexico. At its core, through the Afro-Mexican experiences, the exhibit will touch on broader themes of the AfroLatine experiences, achievements, and struggles not only in Los Angeles but in the United States and its relationship to Central and South America and the Caribbean. It aspires to create an inclusive and diverse space that not only celebrates the vibrancy of our community but also serves as a platform for dialogue on vital social issues.

The exhibit will be on display October 6-30, 2023 on level 1 of the William H. Hannon Library. Additionally, please join us for two accompanying events. The exhibition and the events were all co-curated by Nicole Murph, Daphnie Sicre and Jennifer WIlliams.


AfroLatine Theatre Artists

Tuesday, October 10, 12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

VDA Family Suite Suite (Library Level 3)

Delving into the world of AfroLatine theater artists in the Los Angeles community whose creativity has not only shaped the local theater scene but has also provided a powerful voice for marginalized communities. More info.


Empowering AfroLatines in Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 25, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

VDA Family Suite Suite (Library Level 3)

Uplifting Communities: Spotlighting the invaluable contributions of AfroLatine community leaders, and those studying AfroLatinidad, who championed social justice, education, and empowerment through their dedicated research and community engagement within our city. More info.