Level Up on Level 1: The Information Commons

The Information Commons, located on level 1 of the William H. Hannon library, is full of resources to help students advance academically. Don’t miss out!

Information Desk

Do you have a question about the library or regarding library services and collections? Visit the Information Desk! We have staff who can help you find books and articles, provide directional information, and show you how to use our technology. Librarians are also available to provide on-the-spot research assistance. Plus, you can use a variety of equipment at this desk including staplers, three-hole punchers, paper cutters, and more.

Student giving book to circulation desk

Circulation Desk

Need to check out a book? Staff at the Circulation Desk can help you. You can also check out various types of equipment, such ascameras and Chromebooks. Please see Equipment Checkout @ the Library for a full list of items.

students on computers


There are 67 computers available on the first floor with various software. Check out Computers and Software for a full list of available software. We have 61 Mac computers with the ability to access Windows virtually through the VM Ware application. Two computers are PCs that are reserved for students with disabilities due to the unique software installed. Additionally, there are four walk-up computers that do not require a log in. These are our quick-use computers for fast printing and searching.

computers on desks

Dual Monitors

There are 9 monitors that can be used as a second screen when connected to your personal device. You can connect your laptop or phone to the monitor for a screen extension or duplication. Directions for connecting to these monitors are located at the workstation, but you can always ask the Information Desk for help.

students studying

Group Study Rooms

We have 33 group study rooms located throughout the library. These study spaces have a variety of furniture configurations to meet your needs (ex: group work, media listening, and media viewing). The three group study rooms on level 1 are presentation rooms to help your group practice and record presentations.

students at printers


If you want to print from your personal device, then use the PrintMe printer. PrintMe accepts credit, debit, and flexi funds. To print from the library computers, then use our four HP black and white printers or the color printer. These printers accept Flexi funds and the annually allocated $20 in network printing funds available on your OneCard.

Scan, Copy, Fax

There are two scanners on the first floor of the library along with a photocopier that can scan, copy, and fax. Instructions are posted with each of these machines. If you need help, please do not hesitate to ask the Information Desk staff. Note: Please report any technical issues to the Information Desk or Circulation Desk so we can troubleshoot.

We are here to help you in your academic journey, Lions. Ask us for help, use the resources provided, and let us know how we can improve your experience at the library.