Year in Review: Selected Works by Librarians

In addition to their primary job responsibilities and service work, the librarians at the William H. Hannon Library also participate in research and scholarly communication, through conference presentations, publications, and grants/awards. Here is a list of our scholarly accomplishments this past year. The names of William H. Hannon Library librarians are in bold. Posters and presentations are in chronological order within the author entry.

Conference Presentations

Abeyta, Swetta, Elisa Slater Acosta, Nataly Blas, Shelby Hallman, & Jamie Hazlitt. (2022, February 16–17). “Access, Affordability, and Academic Success: Exploring Open Textbooks.” LMU Center for Teaching Excellence, Virtual.

Acosta, Elisa Slater. (2021, June 1–4). “Using Google Jamboard to Promote Student Engagement and Collaboration.” The Summer Institute, San Diego, CA.

Acosta, Elisa Slater, Susan Gardner Archambault, Sina Kramer, Shelby Hallman, & Rebecca Stephenson. (2022, March 7). “Citations in the Wild: Wrangling Your Citations with Zotero.” LMU Center for Teaching Excellence, Virtual.

Agrawal, Neel. (2022, March 13). “Leveraging Digital Archives for South Asian Studies Research.” 15th Annual Conference of the South Asian Studies Association (SASA), Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.

Agrawal, Neel. (2022, April 27). “Music, Identity, and Social Justice. ” Presentation on research methods in Dr. Megumi Smith’s “Global Music” course, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA.

Aguilar, Darlene, & Nicole Murph. (2021, December 3). “Information Desk: Student Training Fails and Progress.” CARLDIG-S Fall Program, Virtual.

Aguilar, Darlene, Susan Archambault, Kirstin Noreen, & Shan Wang. (2022, January 26). “Research Ready: LMU Library Tutorials and Videos.” LMU Center for Teaching Excellence, Virtual.

Andrade, Raymond. (2021, June). “LMU Sue: Ditch the Bullet Points and Develop a Library Orientation Story.” San Diego & Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District Summer Virtual Institute.

Andrade, Raymond, & J. Brown. (2021, July). “Connecting Academic and Public Libraries for Future POC in LIS: a Discussion of a Partnership Between LAPL and LMU’s William H. Hannon Library.” POC in LIS Summit, Virtual.

Apgar, Amanda, Darlene Aguilar, Marie R. Kennedy, and Susan Scheibler. (2022, February 2). “Accessibility and Inclusivity on University Campuses: Academic Libraries Role in Serving People with Disabilities.” Panel presented at the 2022 CSJ Center for Reconciliation and Justice Symposium, Loyola Marymount University, Virtual.

Archambault, Susan Gardner, Elisa Slater Acosta, John Jackson, & Alexis Weiss. (2021, July 15–17). “The Misinformation Pandemic: Who Can You Trust?” National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) Annual Conference, Virtual.

Archambault, Susan Gardner. (2022, April 27). “Exploring Algorithmic Literacy for College Students: An Educator’s Roadmap.” 2022 LMU Doctoral Symposium, Los Angeles, CA.

Beal, Timothy, Peter Berkery, Louise Shouten, & Alexis Weiss. (2021, November). “Libraries and Librarians in the Publishing Landscape.” Annual Conference of the American Academy of Religion.

Johnson-Grau, Glenn. (2022, March 14–17). “The Details of Data-Driven Deselection: Print Book Withdrawals in a Print and E-Book World.” Electronic Resources and Libraries, Virtual.

Jung, Steve, Robin Hartman, Stacie Schmidt, & Alexis Weiss. (2021, June 17). “Maintaining Service While Sheltering in Place: How SCATLA Member Libraries Thrived under the Country’s Most Stringent COVID Lockdown.” Atla 2021 Annual Conference, Virtual.

Kennedy, Marie R. (2021, November 2). “A Modern Electronic Resources Usage Statistics Dashboard.” 14th International Conference on Performance Measurement in Libraries, Virtual.

Mizota, Sharon, Mario Ramirez, Marisa Ramirez, & Elizabeth Valencia. (2022, May 20). “Working Together to Mentor BIPOC Archivists: A Discussion and Interactive Group Mentoring Session.” Society of California Archivists Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, CA.

Pham, Amy, & Glenn Johnson-Grau. (2022, May 21–24). “Racial Equity in Collections: Building the Collections our Libraries Need.” Acquisitions Institute at Timberline Lodge, Timberline Lodge, OR.

Weiss, Alexis, & Mimi Hoang. (2022, January). “Creating a Transgender Affirmative Campus: Pronouns, Bathrooms, and Beyond.” Presented for the Center for Teaching Excellence, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA.

Wen-Paloutzian, Rachel. (2021, June). “‘We Can Do It!’: Active Learning of Social Issues with Postcards in Special Collections.” Poster presentation at Association of College & Research Libraries/Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (ACRL/RBMS) Conference, Virtual.

Wen-Paloutzian, Rachel, and Laura Poladian. (2022, February). “From Objects to Stories: First-Year Writing with Archives for Digital Exhibits.” Poster presentation at 2022 Writing Innovation Symposium at Marquette University, Virtual.


Archambault, Susan Gardner. (2021). “Student Privacy in the Digital Age.” Brigham Young University Education and Law Journal, 2021(1), 1–50.

Archambault, Susan Gardner. Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice, School of Education, Loyola Marymount University, May 2022. Dissertation Title: Exploring Algorithmic Literacy for College Students: An Educator’s Roadmap.

Blas, Nataly, & P. Martinez. (2022). “Gathering Data on Mentoring Needs and Experiences of Early-Career Librarians: The Needs Assessment Stage of Developing a Mentoring Program.” In L. Rod-Welch & B.E. Weeg (Eds.), Academic Library Mentoring: Fostering Growth and Renewal (Vol. 2, pp. 181–203). Chicago: ACRL.

Hallman, Shelby, Erica Y. Hayes, Walt Gurley, & Micah Vandegrift. (2022). “Managing Digital Scholarship Projects at Many Levels: The Immersive Scholar Cohort, Residencies, and the Shift to ‘Project Development.’” Interdisciplinary Digital Engagement in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH), 1–28.

Hazlitt, Jamie, & John Jackson. (2021, September). “Hiring Student Graphic Designers: Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons Learned.” Journal of Library Outreach & Engagement, 1(2), 8–13.

Hoffmann, Kristin, Selinda Adelle Berg, Kristine R. Brancolini, and Marie R. Kennedy. (2021, June). “‘I mean, pandemic’: How COVID-19 Has Disrupted Librarians’ Research.” College & Research Libraries News 82(6), 272–273.

Jason, Don P., III, Marie R. Kennedy, & Kristine R. Brancolini. (2022). “Mentoring Academic Librarians for Research Success,” in L. J. Rod-Welch and B.E. Weeg (Eds.) Academic Library Mentoring: Fostering Growth and Renewal (pp. 241–262). Chicago, Illinois: Association of College and Research Libraries.

Wen-Paloutzian, Rachel. (2021, July). “RBMS 2021 Virtual Conference: A Fountain of Knowledge and Connection.” Primary Source News and Notes.

Young, Jessea, & Stephanie Gritz. (2022, January 1). “Digital Collection Self-Migration at Loyola Marymount University: Assessing Platforms and Managing Implementation.” Journal of Digital Media Management 10(3), 252–60.

Zhuplev, Anatoly, & Nataly Blas. (2021, October). “Business Education in the USA: Evolution, Strategic Disruptors, and Implications.” In A. Zhuplev & R. Koepp (Eds.), Global Trends, Dynamics, and Imperatives for Strategic Development in Business Education in an Age of Disruption (pp. 1–33). IGI Global.

Awards and Grants

Abeyta, Swetta, Elisa Slater Acosta, Nataly Blas, Shelby Hallman, & Jamie Hazlitt. SCELC Projects Initiative Funds (SPIF) Grant (2021–2022, awarded November 2021) for “Building Infrastructure and Enthusiasm for Open Education across two California Catholic Colleges.”

Aguilar, Darlene. Award from PRIMO (Peer-Reviewed Instruction Materials Online): PRIMO Site of the Month, November 2021. “Advanced Research Tips Tutorial.”

Blas, Nataly. SPARC Open Education Leadership Program Fellow, September 2021–May 2022.

Blas, Nataly, Aisha Conner-Gaten, Jennifer Masunaga, & Jessea Young. SCELC Diversity Funds for the 2023 People of Color in LIS (POCinLIS) Summit. 

Hazlitt, Jamie, Nicolas Rosenthal, & Jessea Young. (2022). Loyola Marymount University Inclusive Excellence Grant. “People of the Earth: A Gabrielino-Tongva Annotated Bibliography.”

Kennedy, Marie R., and Kristine Brancolini. (2021–2024). “Expanding Access to Research Training for Academic Librarians (IRDL Online).” Institute of Museum and Library Services, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program Grant, continuing education. Grant number RE-250170-OLS-21.