Transformative Agreements for Open Access Publishing

Loyola Marymount University authors are now able to publish open access at a reduced cost or no cost to the author through new agreements between ACS Publications, Cambridge University Press, Wiley, and our library consortium. These transformative agreements were negotiated by the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC). Each publisher agreement has specific article specifications and processes, please read the following to learn more.

ACS Publications (Valid until December 2025)

Any LMU corresponding author who wishes to publish open access in all 79 subscription-based and fully open access ACS journal can do so through a discounted APC (article processing charge) of $3,000. Those who do not have research funds to pay the discounted APC can request full funding from SCELC.

If an author has grant funding for open access publishing, authors receive a discounted $3,000 Open Access Article Publication Charge. If the author does not have grant funding for the APC, the author can still choose to publish open access. They will be asked if they have research funds to pay for the APC, they should select “seek funding” which will route the request to the SCELC subscription pool.

Cambridge University Press (Valid until December 31, 2024)

Any LMU corresponding authors are offered open access publishing at no charge. During the submission process, their institutional affiliation and email are used to automatically associate with the SCELC agreement and, upon acceptance, offered open access publishing. Original research articles are research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports, and case reports. Authors can use Cambridge’s waivers and discounts page to confirm their eligibility ahead of time and view a list of the 387 journals covered by the agreement. Authors who published on or after January 1, 2021 may order open access retroactively within the same year of publication.

Wiley (Valid for articles accepted between February 1-December 31, 2022)

LMU authors may publish original research and review articles open access in any of Wiley’s 1400+ hybrid journals (subscription-based journals which offer an open access option) at no charge to the author. Wiley defines original research as research article, review article, commentary, short communication, case study, technical note, education, data article, lecture, method and protocol, perspective, practice and policy, and rapid publication. SCELC compiled a list of Wiley article type descriptions.

Authors can learn of their eligibility by indicating their institutional affiliation as part of their article submission process and using an institutional email address. Unless the article is published in an early view or an online issue, authors may order open access retroactively.

These transformative agreements are a wonderful opportunity to support and promote LMU scholarship. For a detailed description of the SCELC Transformative Agreements, designed for a library audience, see the SCELC Transformative Agreements LibGuide. Please contact Jessea Young, scholarly communications librarian, if you have any questions.