Spotify Playlists for Feel Good Finals – Spring 2021 Edition

When deadlines for final projects are approaching, sometimes you just have to put your head down and push on through to the other side. Why not put some headphones on your head to make it more enjoyable? Here are nine Spotify playlists, created by library student assistants Vero Urubio and Kaylee Tokumi. Let us know what you think!

Studying hard with Hannon!

Vero: “Instrumental versions of songs you might recognize on the radio or feel nostalgic over for studying. (I’m most proud of this playlist out of these.)”

POV: you need to find sources for your final paper from William H. Hannon Library’s resources

Vero: “Lo-fi songs whose titles make a “story” about going to the library to study, going home, and pulling an all-nighter.”

Finals got you down? Don’t worry! This playlist is on its way

Vero: “Instrumental versions of a specific genre of party songs I’ve found that my friends (and other peers) listen to to study which I find hilarious. This is objectively the funniest and most niche playlist out of mine.”

Positive vibes

Kaylee: “Upbeat playlist with mostly alternative and folk songs”

Fight monsters while doing homework

Kaylee: “Embark on a fantasy adventure while doing homework. Most songs are without lyrics and would fit in the background of an adventure movie trailer.”

Melancholic songs

Kaylee: “A playlist of mostly folk songs with a calming tone”

Video game music

Kaylee: “Playlist with music for (mostly Nintendo) video games. I’ve heard that video games are designed to help you focus? But I would have to check if there’s any scholarly articles on this.”

Finals Week Relaxation

Carmen: Play this to a take relaxing break or for some soothing background noise!

Finals Week Motivation

Carmen: Get hyped during finals week with these tunes!