Research Strategies for Company Information Tutorial

Today’s post was written by Nataly Blas.

We have launched the first module of the Lion’s Guide to Business Research tutorial: Research Strategies for Company Information. The tutorial introduces learners to business research and guides them through research strategies for business information.

Gathering company information is one of the most common types of business research. Company research is often conducted to learn more about a company and its current competitive environment. The “Research Strategies for Company Information” module takes you through five strategies to make your company research useful and relevant:

  • Strategy 1 – Identify and profile the company: Covers how to identify the company type and locate background information.
  • Strategy 2 – Find current news and articles: Covers how to find relevant articles on your company and discusses what types of sources are best suited for your information needs.
  • Strategy 3 – Visit the company’s website: Covers how to strategically evaluate a company’s website to determine its credibility and purpose.
  • Strategy 4 – Analyze company financials: Covers how to find company financials to assess its financial health.
  • Strategy 5 – Research the industry: Covers research strategies for finding industry information.

“Research Strategies for Company Information” is a useful tool for increasing your proficiency in business research. Practice and quiz questions are embedded throughout the module to ensure comprehension of the concepts and tools presented. Upon completion, you will receive a summary of your results, including the correct answer, your answer, and points awarded for each question in the module (the module is worth 100 points total). “Research Strategies for Company Information” will help you better understand company research and how to navigate the library business resources.

For more resources on business research, feel free to browse our print and e-books on business research methodology and the Business LibGuide (online research guide).

More about the Guide

Research Strategies for Company Information is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 international license. Tutorial content was provided by Nataly Blas, the tutorial design was created by Aisha Conner-Gaten and Darlene Aguilar, and the tutorial template was inspired by LMU’s “Research Strategies” tutorial by Lindsey McClean. Feel free to contact the Business Librarian, José Rincón, with any questions.