Student Ambassador Julianna on Working at the Library

Library student assistant Julianna Dunivin

As an incoming freshman, I had my heart set on working at the library. Why? Simple. I love books. Like, love. A library is the heart of the university campus and I fell in love with it immediately. I joined the acquisitions department and promptly found myself a little home. My family away from my family. I learned how office-work might not be as lame as I thought. From “Waffle Day” to our various food experiments, we honestly have a blast.

On a more serious note, I’ve learned that a library is an ecosystem: each and every single librarian and library staff member has a completely unique and rich knowledge and background. Whether I’ve sought social, professional, academic, or even culinary advice, there is someone who knows a lot. I had visited libraries my whole life, yet I had never utilized them to their full extent. Working here not only taught me an introductory course to library science itself, but a little bit about research, IT, accounting, and even event production and marketing. Many times I’ve struggled to navigate some database or website only to find that I was complaining to the source. I think often students forget that the people who run even the online side of the library actually work in the library.

The library has, however, brought me more than knowledge and connections. Somewhere along the lines I decided that I wanted to be apart of all of the cool events. Through my position at the library I was able to become a Library Student Ambassador. What was supposed to turn into just a fun events job turned into so much more (but still the fun events thing). I’ve gotten to join members of the staff to help come up with ideas to better reach out to and connect with LMU students and ultimately act as a liaison between students and the library. I’ve gotten to work things like the Haunting of Hannon (and learn all the secrets), and the annual Library Open House. It’s a really special thing to be able to represent such a big part of a college campus, and more so- to be trusted to do so.

I have to do a special highlight of probably one of the most unique opportunities I’ve gained through my time as an ambassador. This past summer along with one other library ambassador, I was given the responsibility of welcoming incoming freshmen to the library with the now iconic “LMU Sue” story. Now, I’m personally not one to shy away from public speaking but I definitely don’t jump for it. However, this was different. I distinctly remember the library’s presentation at my own freshman orientation and I know how it would feel to be talked to by a fellow student. It’s a familiar face to see around campus and it sends the message that the library not only employs students, but gives them opportunities. Which is an exact representation of my experience as a library student worker.

Today’s post was written by Julianna Dunivin, library student assistant.