Featured E-Resource: Mintel

This post was written by Nataly Blas, Reference and Instruction Librarian for Business.

Mintel Academic, a leading market intelligence agency, is now available at the William H. Hannon Library [MyLMU login required for off-campus access]. With Mintel, you can navigate your market research by locating analysis on U.S. consumers, markets, new products, and competitive markets. Mintel will help you answer: Is the market growing? How old is my target market? What are the market trends? and much more.

Topics in Mintel include:

  • Sector: Automotive, Beauty, Clothing & Footwear, Drink, Financial Services, Food, Foodservice, Health & Wellness, Home, Household Care, Leisure & Entertainment, Lifestyles, Personal Care, Retail, Technology, Travel
  • Demographic: Affluent Consumers, Baby Boomers, Kids, Men, Millennials, Mothers, Multicultural, Singles, Teens, Women

What’s in a Mintel Report?

Mintel provides reports that analyze market size and segmentation, consumer attitudes and marketing strategies relative to hundreds of consumer products in the United States. There are five main sources of research that are used to compile a Mintel report: consumer research (Mintel’s primary analysis), social media research, secondary research (other market information sources), trade research, and statistical forecasting. See below for a deeper look on what’s included in a Mintel report:

  • Overview: Introductory and top-level content to give you an overview of the issues covered. Includes an Executive Summary.
  • Market: A range of market information, including market size and forecasting, as well as market drivers that illustrate the forces that shape the industry.
  • Consumer: Attitudinal and behavioral data (Example, consumer demographics as well as attitudes and opinions).
  • Brand/Company: Overview of the top brands or manufacturers. Consumer attitudes and reactions to brands.
  • Data: Appendices of data and downloadable tables. Data may include consumer attitudes to market forecasts.

How Do I Find Mintel Reports?

Your best bet for finding a report is to browse by topic or search by keyword.

To browse by topic, click on the Schedule tab from the Mintel homepage to browse all published reports. Select USA from the Select Group then browse the topics under My Subscriptions (Automotive to Travel). Mintel organizes reports by topic/subscription in a 12 month calendar format.

Screenshot of Mintel interface

Let’s say you are interested in the Health and Wellbeing industry. Mintel has reports on sub-topics such as health and fitness clubs, plant-based proteins, supplements and more.

Search Tip: Use the back and forward arrows to see older and upcoming reports on your topic.

To search by keyword, you can search for your specific topic by entering a keyword in the main search box on the Mintel homepage. Suggested reports related to your keyword will begin to appear.

Screenshot of Mintel interface

Search Tip: Use various keywords related to your topic to ensure you find the most relevant report.

You can download and export text, tables, and data to use in your research paper and/or presentation. As always, remember to cite Mintel in the citation style designated by your discipline. An APA citation would look like this:

Mintel. (2019, Sept.). Vitamins and minerals – U.S. Retrieved from https://academic.mintel.com/display/918350/.

Note: You will need to create a Mintel profile (it’s free) to download some information.

Other Resources

Looking for more market information? Check out Simmons Insights for U.S. consumer attitudes and perceptions and Passport by Euromonitor International for global market data. For a full list of library market resources (as well as some freely available sources) visit the Consumer Information page on the Business LibGuide.