Milk and Cookies 2018: What You Missed

Twas the first day of finals and the students were beat,
but their spirits were lifted with home-baked sweets!

Cookies at Fall 2018 FinalsBy the time the clock ticked to 9 p.m. on December 10, the William H. Hannon Library’s Milk and Cookie event had already drawn an eager crowd of students. Everyone’s eyes were on the delicious spread: the cookie buffet held 18 different varieties of cookies, accompanied by coffee and milk. In total, 85 dozen (more than 1000!) cookies had been amassed for the event, almost all of them were homemade by 16 library staff members. We provided a few varieties for students with dietary restrictions as well.

The students were immensely grateful for the generosity of the library staff and enjoyed the reprieve from finals. One student, upon hearing the library staff had provided everything, exclaimed: “I’m going to graduate, get rich, and donate all my money to Hannon Library!”

All of the students expressed their thanks, grinning ear to ear with a handful of cookies. A few revisited us, doubly enjoying the event. After 40 minutes the event concluded. Only crumbs remained of our cookies, and the 15 gallons of milk and 90 cups of coffee had been drained. However, student morale had increased exponentially. Just an hour earlier the stress had been palpable in the air; now there was a fresh wave of energy, maybe a fraction on which could be attributed to sugar rush.

Once again, our Milk and Cookie event succeeded in making LMU students’ lives a bit sweeter!

Today’s post was written by library student assistant Ally Scarpa. Ally is a junior Marketing major. Thank you, Ally, for sharing your experience with us!