Faculty Pub Night with Adriana Sanford: What You Missed

Yiwen Liu
Library ambassador Yiwen Liu

Today’s post was written by library student ambassador Yiwen Liu. Yiwen is a senior Marketing & Accounting major. This is her third year working for the outreach department in the library! She genuinely love the experience to meet with people and learn new knowledge. Additional editorial assistance provided by Karolina Garcia.

It was very exciting to be side by side with LMU students, faculty, library staff, and my friends for the first Faculty Pub Night of Fall 2018. Every year, the library invites 8 professors to present their most recently published work or new projects.

Professor Adriana Sanford decided to choose this special day to commemorate the tragedy of 9/11. She is a Professor of Business Law at LMU’s College of Business Administration. Sanford discussed her most recent chapter, “Under the New Security Landscape: Ramifications of International Multi-jurisdictional Conflicts” from Women in Security: Changing the Face of Technology and Innovation.

Nowadays, along with the extensive accessibility and application of the internet, the problem of safety within a network service system also faces danger. The scale of data grows extensively with the widespread use of databases and the internet. People pay more money and attention to the security problem of computer systems.

“The new security landscape requires a deeper level of scrutiny, greater compliance, increase accountability, and more collaboration among our governments and the private sector,” says Sanford. “Encryption failures, the emergence of sophisticated hackers, and vast data collection by data brokers in our post-Snowden world exposed the complex correlation between security and privacy.”

Sanford also pointed out that companies who establish privacy proxies will still need to implement new policies, procedures, and controls to comply with CCPA. The increase of cyber-crime has surprised some experts. The findings chime with fears across the industrial world about the threat of cyber-crime and the corresponding increase in efforts being made to fight it.

Most of the students in the audience seemed to be majoring in business and had a class with Sanford. They expressed that they really enjoyed the topic of the class. Everyone in the room was surprised on how cyber law affects daily lives. Some students also suggested that people should look more into cyber security for future reference.

Thank you, Yiwen, for sharing your experience and reflections with us! If you are a student interested in being an event correspondent at a library event, contact John Jackson, Head of Outreach and Communications for the William H. Hannon Library.