E-Resource: South Asia Archive

The South Asia Archive is an interdisciplinary archive containing a varied range of historical documents relating to the colonial and early post-colonial periods of India and the wider sub-continent. Curated by the collectors and archivist at the South Asia Research Foundation, this archive brings together both primary and secondary source material. This multidisciplinary database gives students and researchers a comprehensive historical background perspective on colonial and early post-colonial India and will be of interest to researchers across disciplines including history, law, politics, anthropology, sociology, geography, religion, and the arts.

The South Asia Archive expands LMU’s collection of primary source historical documentation in the form of PDFs, images, videos, and other ephemera related to the Indian sub-continent. The types of documents include journals, reports, books, legislations, acts, regulations, law books/cases, and Indian film booklets published between 1930-1949. A significant proportion of the collection is in English, but thirty percent of the documents are written in various vernacular languages of the period/region(s).

Image: “Rice Map of India.” Commercial Intelligence Department, India. Crop Atlas of India, Published by order of the Governor-General in Council Superintendent Government Printing.