Library Student Spotlight: Cynthia Garcia

Cynthia Garcia
Library student worker Cynthia Garcia

This month, we are highlighting some of our library student workers and talking with them about how working at the library has prepared them for internships, jobs, and life after graduation. The library employs over 100 students each year from all majors to help maintain daily operations and provide the one-on-one service you’ve come to expect from the William H. Hannon Library. These are just a few of their stories. 

Today, we spoke with graduating senior Cynthia Garcia. Cynthia is an english major (specializing in resistance literature) and double minor in women & gender studies and chicana/o latina/o studies.

What department(s) do you work for at the William H. Hannon Library? 

I worked for Archives and Special Collections (A&SC) as a Reading Room Research Assistant and as a Library Ambassador for the outreach department. I have worked with A&SC since my first year and I became a Library Ambassador my sophomore year.

What skills have you learned during your time working here at the library?

I have learned the value of customer service, how to deal with difficult patrons or situations, effective communication skills, professionalism, and how to carry myself in front of prospective students.

How do you think these skills will prepare you for future jobs, internships, or just life in general?

I learned how to speak with people in a clear and concise manner and meet them at their level of knowledge (research, library layout, policies, etc.). If I did not know an answer to a question, I utilized all my resources and knew when to ask for help. I learned how to think on my feet during difficult situations. These skills are easily transferable toward any job because they involve gauging situations and knowing how to properly respond to the circumstances.

How did working as a library assistant aid your academic growth at LMU?

I learned a lot about the library’s research tools and I learned how to effectively search for articles for my various research papers. I also felt comfortable asking librarians for help because we already had a professional student employee/employer relationship.

What did you enjoy most (or least) about working at the library?

I loved the community I built here. I felt comfortable approaching my boss and asking for advice, whether it was academic or life advice. I built strong friendships with my student co-workers and felt I could rely on them in a professional work setting and outside the library. I will miss working at the library after I graduate.

What are your plans after graduation?

I currently have an internship lined up in Arizona with BorderLinks. I am applying to post-grad service and jobs.

Best of luck to you, Cynthia, in the coming years as you pursue life and a career beyond the campus of LMU. Thank you for all your dedication and work at the William H. Hannon Library. We’ll see you at graduation in May!