Blind Date with a Librarian: What You Missed

Parents listening to Librarian John Jackson

Today’s post was written by library student ambassador Fabio Cabezas. Fabio is a sophomore management major and a fifth-generation LMU student.

On February 9th, 2018, I had the great pleasure of attending the Blind Date with a Librarian event for Loyola Marymount University Parents Weekend. The event took place in the William H. Hannon Library lobby, near the circulation desk. Students and parents gathered around the common area at 3:20 pm with the chairs in front of the bookshelves, waiting for the tour through the library to begin.

I had the opportunity to speak with many of the attendees at this time. Both parents and students were from all over the United States, from North Carolina to Sacramento. The individual colleges within LMU of the students were ranged in equal diversity. Most students were first-years. All were enjoying their LMU journey so far and were greatly excited to continue on with their courses of study and extracurricular activities at LMU.

Additionally, students and parents had the option of signing up for our library newsletter “Happenings @ Hannon.” This basically keeps the LMU community appraised of the events and going ons of the Hannon Library. The clipboard went around to excited students and parents as they signed up.

The event itself consisted of the social gathering in the lobby but also the option the students had of checking out books from the library’s Blind Date with a Book exhibition. Books were covered in wrapping so that no one knew what they were. Even I, as a student staff member, did not know what the texts were. Valentine messages decorated the wrapping which was likely a good sign.

Amidst the socializing, John Jackson, Head of Outreach and Communications, Raymundo Andrade, Programming Librarian, myself and the rest of my fellow workers introduced ourselves to the attendees. We briefly explained some fascinating facts of the library, such as the fact that it houses more than 1 million texts, most of which were available online and even more through networking with other universities. If LMU didn’t have a text, the library would be able to contact other universities that possess it and arrange for it to be shipped promptly to LMU. Shortly after, Jackson and Andrade began the tour through the library. As the attendees followed after him, I decided to stay along with the rest of my fellow staff to direct late-comers and to help clean up and organize.

The tour was intended to highlight the different features of the library such as the Circulation desk, where you can rent out technical equipment such as cameras and laptop chargers to the study rooms and remarkable exhibits on the third floor. Unfortunately, the tours do not include the library basement as of yet. Hopefully visitors may be able to marvel in its glory before long.

The event was a remarkable and fundamental success. It introduced families to the library in a fun and creative way while at the same time, emphasizing the power of research, knowledge and education. The Blind Date with a Librarian event made me proud to be an employee of the Loyola Marymount University William Hannon Library.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Fabio!