Meet Jason, Our New Electronic Resources Assistant

We are delighted to welcome Jason Mitchell, our new Electronic Resources Assistant, to the William H. Hannon Library staff. We asked Jason to share some information about himself and his role here at Loyola Marymount University.

What drew you to the world of academic libraries?

The people. Academic libraries often serve as the hub for deep inquiry, rigorous debate, burgeoning ideas, and optimistic eventualities. We find people in academic libraries participating as their most curious selves. Around these people I find energy and life. That is why I was drawn to the world of academic librarianship.

What about this new role are you most excited about?

The magic. We acquire e-books and journal subscriptions from various publishers. Once we acquire those sources, I’m the guy who magically makes them accessible in the catalog. If the link to “Read Online” doesn’t work, it is probably my fault. My job just has a magical quality to it. In one moment the resource isn’t available, the resource isn’t informing our community, and in the next moment it is.

What is the last show you watched or book you read? Would you recommend it to others?

Last TV Show: Steven Universe. Yes, I would totally recommend it to EVERYONE. It’s a cartoon for adults! What is better than that? Steven Universe dares to discuss topics that are often seen as taboo in various communities throughout our country (homosexuality, mental health, gender non-conformity, toxic relationships, consent, and family drama/dynamics). Last Book: Stand Your Ground: Black Bodies and the Justice of God by Kelly Brown Douglas. This book is perfect. It examines in a very explicit detail the tragedy and indifference sown into the American ethos via the stand-your-ground law/cultural attitude. This book should be required reading.

What is something about you that we would be surprised to learn?

My senior year of undergrad, the morning of my Greek final, I shattered my left ankle detaching my left foot from my left leg. How did I do that? I slipped on the dew covered grass leaving McDonalds (hahaha) and landed on my leg. After orthopedic surgery, I ended up with nine permanent screws and a “plate” reconstructing what remained of my ankle. I spent six months in a wheelchair and another six months of physical therapy learning to walk again. In case you are wondering, I took my Greek final in the ER. My professors were SAVAGE!

What would be your perfect meal?

I’m southern so my perfect meal would be southern comfort food. Something like fried chicken, BBQ (pulled pork with a vinegar based sauce), mac and cheese, candied yams, butter beans, cornbread, and sweet tea.

Mmm, pulled pork and cornbread. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jason!