Assessing the Diversity of Our E-Collection



Aisha Conner-Gaten, Javier Garibay, Jamie Hazlitt, Marie Kennedy and Marisa Ramirez have been awarded an Inclusive Excellence Grant from LMU’s University Intercultural Council to assess the diversity of the e-collection of the William H. Hannon Library. In an effort to ensure that library collections align with the our institutional vision (as “bridging disciplines” and “representing diverse topics and perspectives”) and meet the research needs of our diverse campus population, the project proposal team will examine the library’s electronic collection through the lens of diversity.

Library staff will develop a list of diversity codes (e.g. ageism, African-American, disabled/challenged) and independent evaluators will then assign codes to a subset of library databases. The project team will compare the resulting code lists and resolve any discrepancies. Potentially, the results of this evaluation will identify gaps in the library’s electronic resource collection. The results will be shared with the library’s management team, the faculty library representatives in academic departments, and within the profession through a proposed poster or conference presentation.