Meet Aisha, Our New Instructional Design Librarian

Aisha Conner-GatenWe are delighted to welcome Aisha Conner-Gaten, our new Instructional Design Librarian, to the William H. Hannon Library staff. We asked Aisha to share some information about herself and her role here at LMU.

Q: What drew you to the world of libraries?

The library was my favorite place as a child growing up in Chicago. At six years old, I had my little card and permission from my mother to walk to the public library, and I was committed to the profession. The convenience of having a space for imagining, reading, and activity is actually quite rare in the public sphere, particularly for children of color. Libraries have provided a place for me to learn about the past, determine my present, and wax poetic about the future. It provides so many opportunities to engage with not only literature and technology but the folks that hold that knowledge and access (that’s the librarians, FYI). It’s a powerful place to be.

Q: What about this new role are you most excited about?

I am very excited to actually just be in a library as I previously worked “library adjacent” in a library school. I also look forward to working directly with students at every level and witness firsthand the strides they make as scholars and individuals. I love the a-ha! moment, when things just begin to make sense for students finding resources in the library. Being a part of that discovery is irreplaceable.

Q: What is the last show you watched or book you read?

It isn’t a show but I recently watched the documentary City of Gold, as recommended by our Library Dean Kris Brancolini. It chronicles the work of Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize winning LA Times food critic and writer. I tend to explore cities based on the food I can find and he perfectly encapsulates that joy you have when you eat something truly delicious. I’ll be following his restaurant recommendations throughout LA and Yelping as I go.  I am also reading a book a friend got me about random animal facts. I assume I’ll be able to pull out this knowledge for Jeopardy one day.

Q: What is something about you that would surprise us to learn?

Back in Illinois, I deejayed a morning radio show. After a couple of months, I learned that it is incredibly easy to talk to yourself at 6 a.m. but that being a radio personality is a lot of work! In addition to my work here, I am also heavily involved in social justice, specifically Black Lives Matter, and relax with live music and the occasional game of darts. If you know of any good bands or solo artists yet to be discovered, let me know!