LMU Library Joins the C-EBLIP Research Network

c-eblip logoThe William H. Hannon Library has become the first U.S. institution to join the Centre for Evidence Based Library & Information Practice (C-EBLIP) Research Network. Based out of the University of Saskatchewan’s University Library, the C-EBLIP Research Network is “an international affiliation of institutions committed to librarians as researchers and/or interested in evidence based practice. The Network is conceived of as a supportive intellectual space supplemented by concrete activities for librarians who conduct research.” You can learn more about the C-EBLIP at library.usask.ca/ceblip/index.php

Evidence-based librarianship has been defined as “an approach to information science that promotes the collection, interpretation, and integration of valid, important and applicable user‐reported, librarian‐observed, and research‐derived evidence. The best‐available evidence moderated by user needs and preferences, is applied to improve the quality of professional judgments.” (Booth, Andrew. “Exceeding Expectations: Achieving Professional Excellence by Getting Research into Practice.” LIANZA 2000 Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand, October 15-18, 2000.). Readers interested in learning more about evidence-based librarianship should check out the open-access journal, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, as well as Booth & Brice’s 2004 collection, Evidence-Based Practice for Information Professionals : A Handbook.