Librarian Melanie Hubbard on The Digital Eighteenth Century

Librarian Melanie Hubbard and Associate Professor of English Dermot Ryan have recently published an article at The 18th Century Common about their work engaging students with the literature and culture of the eighteenth century using the tools of the digital humanities. Their Fall 2014 course, “The Digital Eighteenth Century,” culminated in a digital space that you can explore and learn more about at dh@lmu.

“Our concept for the class was simple:  students would better grasp the literature and culture of the eighteenth century by drawing connections between the eighteenth-century print revolution and aspects of the current digital communications revolution.  The incorporation of digital tools and assignments was intended to illustrate and provide hands-on experience with this technological shift as well as give students a new way into the study and presentation of eighteenth-century cultural materials.”

Read more about Melanie and Dermot’s work, “Engaging Students in The Digital Eighteenth Century.”