Welcome Associate Dean Jeff Gatten!


Please join us in welcoming our new Associate Dean, Jeff Gatten!

Jeff comes to us from California Institute of the Arts where he has served as Dean of the Library and Information Resources since 2004. Prior to that, Jeff was the Assistant Dean for Collection Management, Libraries and Media Services at Kent State University in Ohio. Jeff has an impressive record of scholarship, publication, and service to the library profession. In addition to his library research, Jeff also publishes in the field of popular music. His most recent publication, “The Woody Guthrie Centennial Bibliography,” was published in the journal Popular Music and Society (2014).

In order to get to know Jeff a little better, we asked him a few questions about coming to LMU:

What excites you most about working at LMU’s William H. Hannon Library?

“I’m excited to be getting to know and work with an energized group of dedicated individuals making significant contributions to the intellectual lives of students. The accomplishments of the LMU team are well respected in the world of academic libraries and I am thrilled to be entering this environment. Of course, the library building is just as beautiful and inspiring as the deeds within, so it’s a great package.”

What is one unique or perhaps surprising thing that you’d like our community to know about you?

“I’ve read every issue of Time and Newsweek from the 1960s, plus every issue cover-to-cover of the first 25 years of Rolling Stone magazine (1967-1992). Please don’t quiz me though, unless it’s about the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. So, yeah, I’m a bit of an aficionado of popular culture within a very narrow time frame.”

LMU encourages the development of the whole person. What activities/hobbies do you participate in that keep you “well and whole”?

“I like to produce sketch comedy shows, strictly amateur stuff of modest quality. I enjoy the creativity of writing, the logistics of producing/directing, and the community of working/playing with actors.”

We are delighted to have Jeff on board at the William H. Hannon Library. Again, please join us in welcoming him!