January 2016 Exhibits Created by LMU Students

In January 2016, the library exhibited artwork created by LMU students enrolled in two Fall 2015 courses. The final projects for ART 303 (Experimental Typography) were on display on Level 2 and were the result of conversations students had with participants in our Fall 2015 Human Book event. In the atrium on Level 3, you could explore the final projects for ART 398 (Visualizing Literature), which drew inspiration from fairy tales, feminism, and “magical transformations.”

Experimental Typography – Level 2


In October 2015, students from Saeri Dobson’s Experiment Typography class attended the William H. Hannon Library’s Human Library event and spoke with individuals who had unique life experiences. As a final project for the class, the students created t-shirts based on those conversations. The results in this exhibition communicate meaning though an unconventional use of typography and explore the complex relationship between form and message.

Visualizing Literature – Level 3


The Fall 2015 Visualizing Literature class created various independent projects and one group project responding to the LMU Department of Archives and Special Collections exhibition, An Independent Will: Ride of Women’s Literacy. They researched classic fairy tales and analyzed them through a feminist lens. For their tapestry project, the class weaved images of classic fairy tales. When fairy tales were orally passed down, women would sit together telling these stories while they knitted, mended clothing, and spun yarn. Though dominating men silenced women during the day, at night they had the freedom to speak and tell stories. The class’ “Magic and Transformation” project allowed students to choose if they wanted to transform an everyday object into something magical, or take a traditionally feminine object and make it an empowered feminine object. For their “Your Story” project, the Visualizing Literature class used fairy tales and books as the inspiration behind their creations, with the book as the focal point of the piece. The class’ group installation in the Hannon Library stairwell was their interpretation of the magical aspects of a fairy tale book.