We love our student workers! Meet Alyssa.

This student employee feature was posted in April 2013, and some details of library services may have changed. Please contact a librarian or stop by any desk in the library if you have any questions!

National Library Week is from April 14-20, 2013. To celebrate, we are introducing you to a few of the folks we work with who help make the library a great place to be.


Alyssa Loomer

Where do you work in the library?

I work at the Information Desk and for the Reference Department.

What are your responsibilities?

I answer any questions patrons may have about the library’s facilities or services. I offer basic technical help and perform maintenance on the printers when necessary. I also shelve the reference books, putting them back in their places after patrons use them.

What do you like best about working in the library?

I really love that when I work at the Info Desk, I can do homework and/or browse the internet in between helping patrons. I enjoy helping patrons, but it is nice to be able to do something productive with my time when not helping them.

What do you like to do when you get off work?

I often go back to my dorm on campus and relax. Sometimes I’ll catch up on one of my TV shows or hang out with friends.

What is your favorite thing about the library’s role on campus?

I love how easy the library makes it to access materials I need for my classes. Whether it’s books, articles, or what have you, the library makes it easy to complete any assignments I have.

What is your favorite resource or collection in the library?

I would have to say my favorite resource is OneSearch+. The single search bar for all the databases, the features you can use to refine your search, and the layout of the results is so efficient and easy to use! I’ve used it so many times, not only to help patrons in the library looking for research, but in my own research as well!