Access Book Chapters, Journal Articles, and Other Library Materials for Your Research

As you begin to work in earnest on the research necessary for your assignments this semester, you may run across books and articles you’d like to use that are only available in print. If you’d like the whole book, you can request it for pickup or mail delivery to you, but what if you only need a chapter and you don’t want to wait for it to be mailed?

Good news! We can scan a chapter or a journal article for you and send you a PDF. You can place a request through ILLiad and we’ll have a scanned copy for you within a few business days. ILLiad also lets you request books, book chapters, and articles from other libraries if LMU doesn’t own something. If you find an article that sounds perfect for your paper and we don’t have it in our databases, create an article request in ILLiad and we’ll ask other libraries to send it to us. Both of these services are free to LMU students, faculty, and staff, so take advantage of a wide world of resources.

If you have never used ILLiad before, you will need to register. Follow the directions to create an account, and if you don’t have a OneCard yet, you can fill out a request form and we will assign you a library barcode number for now.

Do you need primary sources for your research? We have several different options if you are searching for primary sources. Our Primary Sources LibGuide suggests some words to search in the library catalog. You can find many books in the library catalog that are collections of primary source material, like the writings and speeches of Frederick Douglass or women’s writings in popular magazines around the turn of the 20th century.

Some books may be in print only – if you only want a single source from them, you might consider requesting via ILLiad to get a PDF of that section. If you ever need help finding sources, reach out to a librarian via 24/7 chat.

Archives & Special Collections is a treasure trove of primary sources as well. Some of these treasures have been digitized through our Digital Collections. Here you can find postcards of Southern California’s past, surveyor’s maps detailing the development of California and history of water use, and if you’re missing the campus, the Sacred Heart Chapel stained glass windows. Have a question for Archives & Special Collections? Reach out to us!