Welcome Alexis Weiss

Please join us in welcoming Alexis Weiss to the William H. Hannon Library! Alexis is our new Reference & Instruction Librarian for Theology.

Prior to coming to LMU in mid-March, Alexis was the director of library services at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona and before that, Director for Library and Archives at Naropa University. She also has experience as an indexer-editor at ATLA Religion Database. Alexis earned her Master of Library Science from Texas Woman’s University with a focus on academic libraries. She holds an Master of Arts in the History of Religion from Naropa University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, with a minor in Religious Studies, from Hendrix College.

In order to get to know Alexis a little better, we asked her a few questions about coming to LMU:

What drew you to the world of libraries?

“I stared working in libraries as a grad student in Buddhist Studies and it really just suited me, so I stuck with it. I get to focus on my academic field and teach others how to find information on it. What really inspired me is seeing people get really excited about the research that they are doing; seeing the joy that comes in finding those perfect nuggets of knowledge and truth on the faces of others is inspiring. I’m also a bit of a book dragon (a collector of books), so getting to be around huge collections and especially rare books is both exciting and comforting.”

What goals/hopes do you have for this year as our new Theology Librarian?

“I think in my first year my biggest priority is to build relationships with faculty and students. I believe that it is the relationships we make that inspire and change lives. I want to reach out as much as possible while we are in the digital realm so that students feel that they can come to me, even when we are at a distance and I am excited at the chance to work with everyone in person when the time comes. There is great joy in serving others.”

How has your prior experience prepared you for this role at the William H. Hannon Library?

“I was an Indexer/Analyst for the Atla Religion Database for five years as well as the editor for the Research in Ministry database. I think that this work rounded me out well in the myriad of subjects surrounding religion and theology, as my academic background is heavily weighted in the religions of India. It also means I know the back end of that system, which is quite helpful. I also was an Atla member for seven years and have extensive work collaborating with librarians at other theological schools. After a few years away I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues again. Finally, I have been the director of a small library for the last eight years, so I have learned to do some of everything (reference, management, cataloging, etc.).”

What projects will you be tackling first?

“With such amazing predecessors I think that my biggest project is filling their shoes. I want to be sure I am of service first; major project thinking will wait until we are back in the physical space.”

What are you currently reading, watching, or listening to?

“My preferences tend to be a little out there. For books I am currently rereading Clive Barker’s Imajica, listening to the audiobook of Joe Hill’s NOS4A2, and rereading an old one I’ve had since undergrad: B. Alan Wallace’s Choosing Reality: A Buddhist View of Physics and the Mind. Music today was a collection of European metal bands (Finntroll, Eths, Dark Oath); tomorrow it might be reggae or ambient Tibetan chant.”

We are delighted to have Alexis on our staff at the William H. Hannon Library. Please join us in welcoming her to our campus community!