Faculty Pub Night: Featuring Arnab Banerji

On January 21 at 5:30 p.m., join us for the fifth Faculty Pub Night of the 2019-2020 season, featuring Arnab Banerji, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts. Banerji will discuss his recent publication, “What Lies Beyond Hattamala? Badal Sircar and His Third Theatre as an Alternate Trajectory for Intercultural Theatre.”

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About the Author’s Work

The Methuen Drama Handbook of Interculturalism and Performance (edited by Daphne Lei and Charlotte McIvor) explores ground-breaking new directions and critical discourse in the field of intercultural theatre and performance while surveying key debates concerning interculturalism as an aesthetic and ethical series of encounters in theatre and performance from the 1960s onwards. The handbook’s global coverage challenges understandings of intercultural theatre and performance that continue to prioritize case studies emerging primarily from the West and executed by elite artists.

By building on a growing field of scholarship on intercultural theatre and performance that examines minoritarian and grassroots work, the volume offers an alternative view of what interculturalism might offer as a theoretical keyword to the future of theatre and performance studies, while also contributing an energized reassessment of the vociferous debates that have long accompanied its critical and practical usage in a performance context. The volume also tracks and tests the circulation of interculturalism outside the theatre due to its 21st century emergence as a keyword of state and social policy in Europe and Canada.

By exploring anew what happens when the social, performance and interculturalism intersect as embodied practice, The Methuen Drama Handbook to Performance and Interculturalism offers new perspectives on a seminal theoretical concept still as useful as it is controversial” (The Methuen drama website).

About the Author

Arnab Banerji is an Assistant Professor of Theatre History at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. He teaches courses on Theatre History, Asian theatre, and diaspora performance. He is currently working on a monograph on the Bengali Group Theatre from Kolkata to be published by Routledge. His articles and reviews have appeared in or are forthcoming in Theatre TopicsCerebration, BOOM California, Theatre SymposiumAsian Theatre Journal, Theatre Journal, TDREcumenica, SanglapVirginia Review of Asian Studies, and SERAS. His current research is on modern Indian performance, theatre by the Indian diaspora, and translations of contemporary Indian plays.

About Faculty Pub Night

Students, staff, faculty, alumni, and any members of the public are all invited to the 2019-2020 series of Faculty Pub Night at the William H. Hannon Library. Eight LMU professors (four per semester) are selected annually to discuss their latest publication or project in a comfortable setting and format that welcomes diverse perspectives for an inclusive conversation aimed to educate the entire community. All Faculty Pub Nights are free and open to the public. Pub refreshments and snacks will be served courtesy of the William H. Hannon Library.