Faculty Pub Night 2019-2020 Speaker Line-up

We are delighted to announce our speakers for Faculty Pub Night 2019-2020 at the William H. Hannon Library. This is the tenth year of our signature series, first established when the library opened in Fall 2009. We hope you will join us for this anniversary season!

Faculty Pub Night is open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members. It offers our guests an opportunity to hear LMU faculty present, discuss, and answer questions about their most recent “pub”-lication in a casual setting. Refreshments and snacks will be served courtesy of the William H. Hannon Library.

This year, we have invited the following faculty:

Stefan Bradley (September 10), author of Upending the Ivory Tower: Civil Rights, Black Power, and the Ivy League (More details and RSVP)

Ben Fitzpatrick (October 15), author of “Getting Personal with the ‘Reproducibility Crisis’: Interview in the Animal Research Community” (More details and RSVP)

Kris Brancolini & Marie Kennedy (November 12), authors of Enhancing Library and Information Research Skills: A Guide for Academic Librarians (More details and RSVP)

Andrew Dilts (December 3), author of Abolishing Carceral Society: Issue 1 of Abolition Journal (More details and RSVP)

Arnab Banerji (January 21), author of “What Lies Beyond Hattamala? Badal Sircar and His Third Theatre as an Alternative Trajectory for Intercultural Theatre” (More details and RSVP)

Shaun Anderson (February 18), author of “The African American Community and Professional Baseball: Examining MLB’s Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts as a Relationship Management Strategy” (More details and RSVP)

Anupama Kapse (March 3), author of Film as Body Politic: Indian Cinema, the Early Years (More details and RSVP)

Samuel Pillsbury (April 7), author of Imagining a Greater Justice: Criminal Violence, Punishment and Relational Justice (More details and RSVP)

For more information about this event, contact John Jackson, Head of Outreach & Communications for the William H. Hannon Library, at (310) 338-5234 or john.jackson@lmu.edu.