Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Two mummies
Mummy wrapping from: A. Kircher, S.J. Sphinx Mystagoga. 1676

The William H. Hannon Library’s Fall 2017 Archives and Special Collections’ exhibition, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, opens today in the Terrance L. Mahan, S.J. Gallery.

The exhibition traces the history of the human concept of mystery, exploring our pursuit of the unexplained, from the burial rituals of ancient religions to the flourishing imagination of post-industrial fiction authors. A collection of religious tools and emblems represent the mysteries of faith, whilst early examples of New World exploration and scientific discovery consider the wonders of life on Earth. A range of ciphers, secrets and the first detective stories demonstrate innovative attempts to search for a deeper understanding of reality in a fast-changing world. Many mysteries in the exhibit have been explained, but you may leave with more questions!

The exhibition is curated by Alison Hobbs and is hosted in collaboration with the Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination’s 2017-2018 program. The exhibition will be on display from August 14 through December 15, 2017 in the Terrance L. Mahan, S.J. Archives and Special Collections Gallery.