LMU Speaks: The Fork in the Road

LMU Speaks poster

This semester the William H. Hannon Library is launching a storytelling program called LMU Speaks, featuring stories from four individuals representing the LMU campus community. Each of our speakers will share a true, personal story based on a central theme, “The Fork in the Road.” Speakers will talk for 10-minutes, responding to the prompt, “Tell us about a moment from your life when you faced an important decision, a moment of truth, or a crossroads in your path that led to where you are now.”

Our inaugural line-up of speakers includes:

  • Ernesto Colín (Faculty in School of Education)
  • Ulualo Coleman (LMU Undergraduate)
  • Lynn Mitchell-Parrish (Staff in Information Technology Services)
  • Kaelyn Sabal-Wilson (LMU Undergraduate)

Learn more about our speakers below!

The event will take place on February 15 at 5:30 p.m. in the library’s Von der Ahe Family Suite (level 3). Refreshments will be served. Please go to our calendar page to RSVP. The William H. Hannon Library is dedicated to creating a communal space where learners can feed their curiosity, experience new worlds, develop their ideas, inform their decision-making, and inspire others. We believe that storytelling can be a vehicle toward those ends. We hope you will join us for this inaugural event!


Ulualo Coleman


Ulualo Coleman is a Sophomore Sociology major, Vocal Music minor. He is a Native Hawaiian/Samoan student who is also a local of Southern California. He hopes to share with you what he believes will be a relatable and real experience of his that will be both enjoyable and educational.

Ernesto Colín 

ernesto colin

Dr. Ernesto Colín is a visual artist, Aztec dancer, world traveler, radio host, and Associate professor of Urban Education at LMU. He is also a two-time LMU alum who received his PhD in Anthropology of Education from Stanford University. His research interests include indigenous education and diversity in schools. His life goes through phases, and currently he is in a distance running and obstacle-course-racing phase.

Lynn Mitchell-Parrish


Lynn has a background in theatre. She has been in dozens of plays, musicals, and speech competitions throughout the years. Lynn performs stand-up comedy, Improv comedy, and has spent her entire life as a “character actor”. Her current role is in a 14-year run as wife, mom, and modest everyday superhero. Lynn works here at LMU in the IT department (which is well known for its boisterous sense of humor).

Kaelyn Sabal-Wilson


Kaelyn Sabal-Wilson is a Sophomore Communication Studies major and African American Studies minor from Riverside, California. She is passionate about poetry and performing, and uses it as her platform to tell stories and connect with people. During her brief time here at LMU, she has gotten involved with campus groups like the LMU Debate team, Sisters in Solidarity, and the Intercultural Facilitators, and she looks forward to all that is yet to come.