Catalog Update: New Film Form/Genre Headings

Today’s post is written by Walt Walker, Head Cataloging Librarian for the William H. Hannon Library.

Many of our catalog’s records now have form/genre headings, which describe the format or category of an item, as well as subject headings, which describe the content of the work represented in the item. We have added these form/genre headings to our DVD and video records to describe what type of film or television program the DVD or video is part of. Some examples of these are:

Each video or DVD can have more than one of these headings.

We have also created some local film/form genre headings to help you find DVDs and videos in a particular foreign language or originating in a particular foreign country.  These headings appear in the form:

  • [Language] language films
  • [Language] language television programs
  • Motion pictures—[country]
  • Television programs—[country].

Here are a couple examples:

You can use these headings to find other films similar to the item record you are currently viewing in our catalog.

Did you know that we have several DVD sets of popular TV series? The heading Fiction television series finds DVDs and videos that contain episodes of TV series such as Breaking Bad, The Golden Girls, I Love Lucy, and House of Cards.

Another group of new local headings can help you find interdisciplinary fictional films and television programs, corresponding to some of the interdisciplinary academic subject headings we use for nonfiction works. These can help you to find films that touch on the diverse experiences of several ethnic and sexual minorities. Here’s a list of them:

We hope you find this information helpful! As always, if you have any questions or need help searching our catalog, don’t hesitate to contact a librarian.