Women’s History Month Highlight: Olga Samaroff

Olga_SamaroffA century ago, any American musician who aspired to an international concert career had to first acquire a European education and reputation. So it was with talented Texas-born pianist, Olga Samaroff (1880-1948) who was born in San Antonio and named Lucy Hickenlooper. She improvised piano solos at three. She launched the careers of numerous notable twentieth century musicians, including William Kapell. Though trained in Europe, she insisted on being billed as “an American pianist” and thus helped to change the perception that American musicians were less adept than their counterparts across the Atlantic.
Link to documentary (streaming online for LMU students, staff, and faculty): http://linus.lmu.edu/record=b1881775~S1
This is a documentary in Filmakers Library Online, one of our resources from Alexander Street.
(photo credit: Wikipedia)