Benjamin Holzman Papers



Part of the Benjamin Holzman Papers at Loyola Marymount University, this cartoon strip, dated 1918, comes from one of America’s most famous cartoonists, Rube Goldberg (1903-1970). It  was most likely produced for the New York Mail, where Goldberg worked in the 1910s.  It’s a comic look at the convoluted politics of World War I America and the world, commenting on the U.S. war effort, the reshaping of European borders, and social unrest. His handwritten title reflect this: “You can’t afford to leave the paper out of your sight these days–by Goldberg.” In short, the strip has convoluted characters and situations, something appropriate for Goldberg, the creator of the “Rube Goldberg Machine” cartoon strip with Dr. Butts, who always found the hard way to do something easy. Because of this strip, the name “Rube Goldberg” worked its way into American English as a term for doing something easy in a needlessly complicated way.

Rube Goldberg autographed this cartoon (far right panel) for Benjamin Holzman, a Broadway and vaudeville critic for the New York Mail: “To the tamer of wild women Benny Holzman RGoldberg (sic) Feb./1918.”

FOUND by Manuscripts Curator Dr. Clay Stalls.