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LMU Speaks: Off the Rails


LMU speaks poster

On February 13 at 5:30 p.m., the William H. Hannon Library’s second annual LMU Speaks program will feature stories from five individuals representing the LMU campus community. We have asked each of our speakers to share a true, personal story based on a central theme, “Off the Rails.” Speakers will tell a 10-minute story that responds the prompt: “Tell us about a moment from your life when you felt things went off the rails. Tell us a story of resilience, bravery, and/or that time when everything went wrong.”

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Our line-up includes:

  • Bryant Keith Alexander (College of Communication and Fine Arts)
  • John Parrish (Office of the President)
  • Maria Behm (Athletics)
  • Jane McManamon (Undergraduate)
  • Daisha Black (Undergraduate)

The William H. Hannon Library is dedicated to creating a communal space where learners can feed their curiosity, experience new worlds, develop their ideas, inform their decision-making, and inspire others. We believe that storytelling can be a vehicle toward those ends. We hope you will join us!