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Faculty Pub Night: Sina Kramer


Sina KramerStudents, staff, faculty, alumni, and any members of the public are all invited to the 2017-2018 series of Faculty Pub Night at the William H. Hannon Library. Eight LMU professors (four per semester) are selected annually to discuss their latest publication or project in a comfortable setting and format that welcomes diverse perspectives for an inclusive conversation aimed to educate the entire community.

The second Faculty Pub Night of the 2017-2018 season features Sina Kramer, Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at LMU’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. Kramer will discuss her recent publication, Excluded Within: The (Un)Intelligibility of Radical Political Actors.

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About the Author’s Work

In this groundbreaking book, Kramer uses the framework of constitutive exclusion to describe the phenomenon of internal exclusion — exclusions that occur within a political body. More specifically, constitutive exclusions occur when a system of thought or a political body defines itself by excluding some difference (based on gender, race, class, sexuality, etc.) that is considered intolerable to the boundaries that comprise the body or system’s political worth. This exclusion is not absolute, but preserves the very difference it seeks to repress in order to define itself against what it is not. Yet, as Kramer argues, if those who are excluded contest their repression, their political claims are deemed threatening and criminal. But can we ever be without constitutive exclusions? And can we avoid reinscribing them through critique? Kramer ultimately argues that to do justice to the excluded, to render those claims intelligible as political claims, instead requires the reconstitution of the political body on new terms.

Importantly, this book offers both a diagnosis and a critique of the concept of constitutive exclusion, articulating what counts as a political action and who counts as a political agent. Kramer takes up a range of cases — including those of Antigone, Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks, the 1992 Los Angeles riots, and the Black Lives Matter movement — to better understand who counts as a political actor, and how we understand political belonging and the contestation of exclusion. Excluded Within articulates who we are by virtue of who we exclude, and what claims we cannot see, hear, or understand.

About the Author

Sina Kramer received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from DePaul University in Chicago. She is thrilled to return to LMU and to join the women’s studies department after having served as a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Fordham University in New York. She specializes in feminist theory, queer theory, critical theory, and continental philosophy. Her work is focused on political epistemology and constitutive exclusion and the construction of political agency through gender, race, and sexuality, and she approaches these questions through both philosophical texts and political struggles. She is also interested in gender, race and sexuality in urban geography and history is developing a project that takes up these issues called “How to Read a City.” She teaches courses on gender and sexuality, political theory, feminist theory, and queer theory.

About Faculty Pub Night

All Faculty Pub Nights are free and open to the public. Pub refreshments and snacks will be served courtesy of the William H. Hannon Library. For more information or ADA accommodations, please contact Ray Andrade, Programming Librarian, at (310) 258-4648 or randrade@lmu.edu.