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New E-Resource: IEEE Journals Archive


IEEEXplore Digital Library

Scholars in science and engineering seeking full-text articles take note! We’ve just added the IEEE Journals Archive to our ever-growing suite of online resources. The IEEE Journals Archive spans a century of scientific research with more than 410,000 articles from thousands of authors and provides us with perpetual, full-text access to over 200 journal titles. Coverage extends back to volume 1, issue 1, for IEEE content published between 1884 and 1999.

This new resource may look familiar to LMU students, faculty, and staff who have recently used IEEE Xplore: the IEEE Journals Archive is integrated into into the Xplore platform! All the same functionality of the Xplore platform is available for searching within the journals archive: customized content alerts, advanced search options, citation metrics, and topical browsing. Note: This resource is not accessible in OneSearch+.

If you need any help accessing or using this resource, please don’t hesitate to contact a librarian.