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Celebrate National Poetry Month with Spine Poetry


deras-spineIn honor of National Poetry Month, we are encouraging LMU students, staff, and faculty to create “book spine poetry” using our collections! You can see examples of what we’re looking for at the Sorted Books project, but here is the basic idea:

  • Wander the stacks (or the catalog) and find a book with an intriguing title – one that could set the tone for the subject of your poem.
  • Look for additional books with titles that express what you’d like to say about the subject.
  • Play with the order of the books.
  • We recommend reading your poem aloud before you finalize it.
  • Take a photo of your books.
  • Post it to Instagram and tag us! (@lmulibrary)

If you need additional inspiration, check out the poetry that LMU Library student workers and staff created in the lobby beginning next week!