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LMU Seniors: $20 for an Hour of Your Time


Are you an LMU Senior this semester? Would you like to earn $20 for an hour of your time?

The Office of Assessment and the Library are conducting a large-scale assessment of Information Literacy skills and knowledge among LMU students. In this assessment we wish to learn about the information-seeking methods known and used by students. Only aggregate, anonymous results will be reported and used. Your individual responses and your identity will be kept strictly confidential. All participants will receive $20 cash after completing the iSkills test.

Only 100 students will be invited to participate! Watch for an exclusive invitation in your LIONMAIL.

What is the iSkills Assessment?

The iSkills assessment is a simulation-based test designed to measure information and
communication technology (ICT) literacy, that is, a student’s ability to navigate, critically evaluate and communicate information using digital technology, communication tools and networks. During the 60-minute assessment, college students are asked to perform several information problem-solving tasks—such as researching a topic from a database, identifying authoritative and unbiased web sites, or composing an e-mail summary of research findings.

Outcomes to be assessed:

  • Undergraduate Learning Outcome: Students will be able to identify information needs, locate and access relevant information, and critically evaluate a diverse array of sources.
  • Core Curriculum Learning Outcome: Through the LMU Core students will be able to identify information needs, locate and access information and critically evaluate sources.